Selective Reading Disorder

I’ve been reading a little bit about anorexia hysteria. This led me to find a strange wikipedia article on “Selective Eating Disorder” (SED). It is also known as “Perseverative Eating Disorder”. As you can imagine the disorder is marked by an inability to try new foods. Well, there you have it! I am quite dogmatic when it comes to reading. For some time now I’ve only been able to read Lacan. I typically avoid anything written *about* Lacan. I’ve read everything I could get my hands on over the last few years that Lacan himself has written. I’ve read most of his texts several times. In fact, to the right of me there are a dozen texts by Lacan in disarray. On the shelf across from me I see Zizek’s books. I haven’t touched those in a long time. On another shelf behind me there are texts given to me from various friends that sit like so much food on a plate, never to be touched. On the same shelf, Max Stirner’s book tempts me. The fact is that I am extremely selective when it comes to reading. And so many other things as well.


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