Anarchists Ignite a Warm Flame

Three hours has passed since I posted “Why I’m Returning My Copy of The Anarchist Turn. I used the blog post to reflect on some of the events that transpired for me recently in the academic anarchist world of publishing. These things seldom happen in the anarchist world of publishing precisely because anarchists are painstakingly (and I really mean painstakingly) thoughtful about how they work with others on projects. In the past I have noted that this fastidiousness often slows a project down and – truth be told – it many times leads to its downfall. As a result I’ve often found more success working on projects (the type that require decisions to be made quickly) in near isolation or with just a few others whom share similar expectations. I will admit that I have difficulty working with others precisely because I typically embrace with conviction a certain vision for any particular project; and this is a fault much more than a strength. Having said that, I’ve long admired a certain few anarchists on the west coast for their ability to get shit done despite the fact that they have little to no help from others. It seems to me that many of these folks have been able to make contributions to the world that truly matter, despite a lack of colleagues. And the fruits of their labor are marvelous.

Within the last three hours my blog post received about 500 unique hits from around the world. This leads me to believe that it will continue to receive hits for a few more days and that it will probably spark a few debates amongst anarchists, philosopher friends and colleagues. I invite and encourage these discussions, even if the original blog post is not exactly the most articulate thing ever written. However, I hope that those of you who are interested in discussing this with me will do so in a patient and thoughtful way. By this I mean that I hope that anarchists in particular will refrain from ad hominem attacks on me and others within the world of academia. We can not generalize about academics any more than we can generalize about anarchists – both have been the most insensitive people I’ve ever met and the most sensitive people I’ve ever met. In any case, attacks on my status as an academic, the fact that I have a penis, and so on, are absolutely unproductive, hurtful, and, in my humble opinion, they do not reflect well on you or me. However seductive these forms of attack are, they necessarily pose an obstacle to discussion with me by short-circuiting it before it even begins.

Having said all of that, within the last three hours I have received dozens of emails and facebook messages from anarchists (many of them are anarchist academics) and from friends and colleagues that have truly warmed my heart. I can not reply to all of them so I will simply thank you all, truly, for your kind and thoughtful words of encouragement.


2 thoughts on “Anarchists Ignite a Warm Flame

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