New Issue of ADCS – “Blasting the Canon”

I am excited to announce the publication of “Blasting the Canon”, a special issue of Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies, edited by Ruth Kinna and Sureyyya Evren. This issue is published by Punctum Books and can be purchased or downloaded at the following website. Alternatively, you may read individual articles at our website.

I am particularly excited about this issue because it was a long time in the making. The initial idea was in the air for a long time. Many of you are familiar with the debates that have played out at conferences and on various anarchist studies listservs about the anarchist canon (most notably, the debates about the portrayal of the anarchist canon by Lucien van der Walt in Black Flame, and the recent edited volume by Saul Newman on Max Stirner. The latter could have easily been called Max Stirner: The Anarchist). Ruth and Sureyyya do not intend to put an end to the debates, nor do they necessarily want to continue the debate. The issue seems focused around questions of canonization itself and what it means to have an anarchist canon. As far as I know we are the first journal to serve as a platform for these types of discussions.

This afternoon I wrote an email to an anarchist academic about a pitch he had made to ADCS for an upcoming issue. This is what I wrote to him:

We would be cautious about using ADCS to refer to or promote a more pivotal discussion that happened at another journal. […] We like ADCS to be on the cutting edge, so to speak. And we pride ourselves on getting to the important discussions first. That said, this does not always have to be the case.

In many ways, this is the strength of our journal and it explains its popularity. Our journal was the first to publish on the meaning of post-anarchism today, the first to publish on the anarchist response to 9/11, the first to include video, image, and audio files within an issue and, where possible, within the printed volume itself, the first to explore the question of canonization, and within a few months it will be the first to explore the connection between anarchism and the new materialisms. This is what makes the journal a labor of love.


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