Captured in the Image: Cynicism and Culture Jamming

Daniel Tutt’s blog on Culture Jamming and the Image.

Daniel Tutt

We used to read the news like a Dadaist — piecing together the seemingly random series of signifiers to reveal an underlying or deeper truth. In this disarray and slanted piecing together of phrases, certain slips make themselves apparent like a series of cracks in the Real, bringing into relief the symptoms behind the news of the day. Prior to the advent of the internet, and eventually of social media becoming the basis of news consumption for most western citizens, we were largely impartial spectators of news. Our news was largely brought to us by a series of signifier relations.

Hegel insisted that the philosopher read the newspaper daily. This engagement with the world in our social media-driven lives is more challenging today, because today we are spectators that are always both curators and spectators. Social media platforms no longer provide a centralized narrative that is ‘out there’ taking place.

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