A Brief Note on the Ranciere Interview

I’ve received a lot of feedback about a video I recently released called Jacques Ranciere – Anarchism, (Para-)Academia, Pure Politics, and the Non-Human. Two themes have been prevalent. First, some have criticized me for interviewing Ranciere using the English language rather than the French language. Second, some have criticized the more formal elements of the video (soundtrack, deletion of actual interview questions, lack of sub-titles, breaks that exist in between each answer, etc).

My response is actually quite basic: I am an editor. An editor makes decisions that are intended to produce an effect in the audience. In this case, my audience is not Jacques Ranciere. And so I have no obligation to be faithful to his style or language of choice – he agreed to conduct the interview, and I informed him of my intentions before beginning. My audience consists of those who are immediately prepared to hear what Jacques Ranciere has to say but who, for whatever reason, have not cared to listen until now. If you would like to provide me with more substantive feedback please do so in the comments section and I’ll see if there is further reason to write a detailed response.


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