The Subject of Change (Alain Badiou)

Here is a special treat for those of you who follow my blog. I’ve received numerous emails requesting the book The Subject of Change by Alain Badiou, and I’ve consistently refused to send it. However, there have been significant problems with the distribution of the book (which are, admittedly, no fault of the publisher). I believe that the book should be available for everybody – philosophy is for everybody, as Badiou claims. It has been a year since the book has been published. To celebrate this anniversary, here is the book for free (an earlier version of it). Please, if you like it, support Atropos Press by buying books from them.


9 thoughts on “The Subject of Change (Alain Badiou)

  1. I bought this book when it became available. I am glad you have made it available to everyone, and its good to have in electronic form. If Atropos do publish more manuscripts, they should consider producing an electronic version as well – lower cost, wider distribution. Hopefully everyone will pay that amount and support the publication effort.
    Thanks Duane,
    Simon Lynch Koreshoff

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