A thought about suffering

The latest form of capitalism has robbed us of our own victimization. Victimhood is constructed within and by the commodity form. The real victims of capitalism no longer know it; they have no sense of Cause, no sense of loss, no sense of suffering, no sense of passion. They have nothing to die for because they have so very much for which to live. Have we ever on such a large scale claimed that our own suffering is ignored, the better to becry the suffering of another? The point is that most of us, in our private lives, feel as if our suffering is not being recognized – and yet few of us can state precisely of what our suffering consists. We are forever suspicious of the suffering of other people – we don’t buy it. Within the humanities, for example, we now get credit for one-uping another suffering person or group of people. We are never content with our own suffering, and yet we are forever displacing the suffering of the other. How can we understand the suffering of another if we have not experienced suffering ourselves? The greatest achievement we could have right now is to discover our own suffering, to embrace that suffering, and to recognize it as a common suffering. In this way, and in only this way, I call for a renewed sense of suffering. We need more suffering.

Or nothing will change.


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