Bruce Fink – Gods in the Real

Bruce Fink has a nice interpretation of Lacan’s claim that the Gods belong to the real. He wrote: “When Lacan tells us that the gods belong to the real and are a mode of revelation of the real [pp. 44, 82, in Seminar VIII], he is clearly referring to the multiplicity of gods associated with different facets of nature – immanent in nature and in natural events like storms, lightning, thunder, and wind – that are independent of our will and do with us as they please. […].” This is from his new book on Love, “Lacan on Love: An Exploration of Lacan’s Seminar VIII, Transference.”
Here, finally, Fink begins to develop his 1995 claim that for Lacan there is a “first order real,” and not only the second order real of the objet petit a. We can also see how this overcomes the sort of idealist correlationism often attributed to Lacanian psychoanalysis. Finally, this language of “multiplicity” within the real brings us to an even more interesting connection to the ontology of Alain Badiou.

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