Communism for One

You blocked me out of your life and stopped communicating with me. You disappeared without warning and left my son and I suffering, almost homeless, without electricity, without anything – except lots of strange excuses that began to stack up like wreckage in a dump. You invent new plots and redefined the relationship, apres coup. You watched me from a distance as my health declined, as my son cried for you, as I spent nights in the hospital trying to make sense of the change. And, from a distance, you left little messages for me, here and there – but wouldn’t accept any of my messages. You sent your father to do your dirty work, like a child. I gave you miracles and asked you for a small step: communicate with me. You said to me that you couldn’t come back because I would never forgive you. I forgave you.

It was more than you would do. You found comfort in shopping malls, friend’s homes, chats with other men who have an interest in you. I was still willing to forgive you and move on.

Today you had the audacity to ‘like’ my blog post.

Now I am turning my back on you, completely. It is time for you to have the dreams that will haunt you for a life time. I will never care to see anything you write or leave for me again. It is time for you to live with the decisions you have made.

Don’t ever communicate with me again.

It was never love.


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