The brain shall go there where the heart was

I was told by a Syrian brother that the Qoran teaches that Allah is closer to us than our own blood. I looked into the reference this evening and found that it is even a bit more complicated or specific than that; in 50:16 “[…] We are nearer to him than even his jugular vein.” We know that the jugular is responsible for bringing blood from the brain to the heart, it is not responsible for bringing anything from the heart into the brain. To remove the jugular it is to remove the primacy of the brain from subsumed agency of the heart.
How, then, to be closer to the Gods than to traverse the primacy of the brain and to go there where the heart was?
However, what struck me even more by this claim is how similar this ‘nearer to him than even his jugular vein’ is to the popular Lacanian expression that objet petit a (as object of the real) is that which is “in me more than me.” This, best expressed in the toplogical properties of the Klein bottle, demonstrates the strange extimacy of the unconscious. But, more than that, it brings further clarification to Lacan’s claim that the Gods are in the real. What is most interesting about the Qoran is the way in which it simultaneously boasts a true monotheism even while openly flaunting a quasi- pluralism of praised prophets (e.g., ‘bow down and worship Adam,’ etc) and names for those to whom one dedicates praise and worship.
Allah may be the only real Gods.

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