The Love Knot / Knot Love

While on the airplane to Frankfurt, I discovered an interesting knot that has Borromean properties. It was put into the first class given by Lacan in his seminar on Joyce and the Sinthome. It reminded me that the way we draw hearts has nothing at all to do with the real heart. And we haven’t yet confirmed the origin of the popular drawing of a heart. It is, perhaps, something like a Platonic form.
In any case, there, within the knot is a very clear heart shape; two, in fact. One has the two humps at the top, and then, for the other heart, the two bumps are at the bottom (and so this heart is upside down). However, the two hearts are asymmetrical. The upside down heart is connected to the other heart by a twist of the two strings. But each heart, whether the upside down one or the other one, are also linked together in a way which upon closer inspection forces a turn down into the opposing heart, away from its own heart, and then back into the other side of the full heart. To return to the starting point, the same process must be completed in reverse.
Thus, within this particular knot, there is a necessity to pass through a twist. The knot therefore has within itself the topological properties of a Mobian surface. It forces, in its own way, a thinking of a twisting away from itself into something within it more than itself. The one heart may only be complete by first of all going deeper inside-out of itself. I maintain, once again, that we have here a nice example of the topology of love.
Photo on 2016-06-26 at 7.00 AM

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