The Instance of the Letter in the Qur’an

I do not have time to develop this so I am merely keeping record of it here in my blog. Recall in a previous post that I argued that the Quranic teachings are some of the most sane teachings there are in the religious world. In Lacanian thought, to be put in a very basic way, it is the letter or the record – the re-cord, which is like a cord that wraps around itself into a knot – that produces our fundamental sense of sanity, our neuroses (rather than, for example, psychoses). The alternative is an unknotting, or a not-knot, that is, madness.

In the Qur’an, Surah 68, it is written (translation):

By the Pen

And by the (Record)

Which (men) write —

Thou art not,

By the grace of thy Lord,

Mad or possessed.


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