The White House Must…

There is a popular witticism which expresses that we are all naked …under our clothes. Isn’t it much the same for our other various dwelling places, such as the home? For example, we are all homeless …under our homes.
This is the ontology of homelessness that Republicans and Democrats, Conservatives and Liberals, in their war against metaphysics, refuse to accept. For them the solution is much the same as the one that James Strachey made when he translated the popular Freudian expression as “there where the id was, the ego should come to be.” In other words, for them the solution is to bring the homes to the homeless, to enlarge the sphere of the dwelling place – a room of the ego’s own.
Lacan read the Freudian expression in a different way: “the ego must come to the place where the id was.” This shift of perspective indicates a notion of radical decentering of the prevailing dwelling place by the real of the drives. Thus, the prevailing dwelling place, such as, for example, the white house, or the Canadian house of commons, etc, must be disrupted by the homelessness of the real.

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